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Rologard…the worlds #1 personally portable vehicle security barrier.

Go ahead........take a H.I.T. !!!
Hard surface, Ice surface, Turf surface---HIT...only Rologard Portable Vehicle Barriers provide field tested (verified by actual impacts) security in all three applications. And, the Rologard unit supplies the 3-P's of an effective perimeter security program: Performance, Portability, Price.

Hostile, or even errant, vehicles are not limited to sunny days and hard surface pavements. In fact many actions are taken during inclement weather conditions, on snow and ice covered surfaces or rough off-road turf type trails,etc.
Cover all your bases....with a Rologard barrier.







Rologard...convenient, proven performance: anchored or unanchored!

Welcome to our world of highly effective, highly mobile crash tested, performance proven vehicle barriers. ROLOGARD GLOBAL, the worlds premier manufacturer of precision engineered equipment, provides the most technologically advanced extremely portable systems for VAW and HVM protection. The past decades show vehicle attacks-on pedestrians and infrastructure-have unfortunately been the most effective in causing injury, death and massive destruction. Fixed position barrier systems (permanently placed pit mounted blockers, bollards, drop arms) have only caused bad actors to narrow their attack zones-toward concentrations of people. Those shifting, roving, moving concentrations of people require VAW / HVM protections to move with them ... ROLOGARD protection. Please scroll through our catalogue to view our K2300sd and K2400hd vehicle barriers and their assorted options-or simply download the catalogue in pdf. form. You can also request a hard copy-email us your address.

Rologard K2600

Our flagship product, the K2600 unit is the premier barrier system worldwide; first in performance, first in portability, and first in price advantage.

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ASMT2656 Tested + Certified


K2600 base unit disassembled


K2600 base unit assembled


K2600 base unit with transport kit


K-2300sd Rologard

Photo A.jpg

K-2400HD Rologard

Photo B.jpg

RANDOM PLACEMENT PROTOCOL...sand, sod, cement, ice-no matter the surface ROLOGARD barriers can be assembled on-site by only two technicians ... and placed for 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days-whatever and whenever the threat level indicates is necessary. Positioned and/or moved by a single policeman, security guard or event steward, ROLOGARDS signature feature is M-O-B-I-L-I-T-Y.

Rologard barriers represent state of the art, best industry practice ... in the widest range of practical application. Site and Situation ... where it happens+how it happens; both are issues that create a demand for very fast and very effective protections from At Random Impacts (ARl's). Rologard units are erected and placed almost as fast as you think.