Service Parts + Pricing

Pricing of the Rologard products may change without notice; pricing includes freight costs conus (continental U.S.); Mil-Spec packaging costs may be an addition; the below pricing may be subject to substantial price discounts based on quantity; contact the factory.

Description Price
rph14, spar with drop pin $340.00
rphl5, spar-short (axle area) $302.00
rph16, spar cap, rubber, PN 14058 $16.00
rphl7, spar bottom cover, PN 14059 $12.00
rph60, main center tube $1185.00
rph62, cable+clevis for center tube $265.00
rph66, twin post kit replacement chain $33.00
rph69, castor assembly $361.00
rph71, handle assembly $44.00
rph74, tire/wheel assembly $288.00
rph78, complete hub assembly $204.00
rph79, screwjack assembly $135.00
rps30, main center tube $888.00
rps32, cable+clevis for center tube $265.00
rps36, twin post kit replacement chain $31.00
rps39, castor assembly $258.00
rps41, handle assembly $44.00
rps45, tire/wheel assembly $69.00
rps46, spar cover clip, PN l1255 $4.00
rpxl8, atv hitch $68.00
rpx20, slip hook $62.00
rpx28, stay clear decal, PN 10204 No Charge
rpx38, clevis (shackle) $18.00
rpx40, snap pin $3.00
rpx44, drop pin/chain, 12mm x 150mm $3.00
rpx45, drop pin/chain, 12mm x 225mm $3.00
rpx46, snap hook $4.00