Rologard K-2600

Specification: Rologard K2600 Mobile Vehicle Security Barrier

This document may be used as a written  specification for the Rologard K2600 mobile vehicle security barrier, as a basis for a Request for Quotation (RFQ's), Invitation to Bid (ItB's), Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO's), Request for Information (RfI's) or other statements of interest. Please review the website for updates, changes and/or additions to this specification.
(This document is current as of November 1, 2021)

The intent of this specification is to describe a mobile vehicle security barrier, hereinafter referred to as the system. The purpose of the system is to act as a deterrent to vehicles being used to impact and harm pedestrians and/or infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, port facilities, utility and communication centers and other critical-to-public-safety facilities. The system shall have been tested and certified at an authorized test center to an American Society of Testing + Materials test standard ASTM 2656 m30p3, unanchored. Further the system shall have been crash tested on ice and on turf surfaces. The system shall be of, primarily, fabricated steel and hot dip galvanized major components. Surface engaging members shall not be powder coated. The system shall be purposely positioned on sites determined to be likely targets and/or points of attack from motorized vehicles. The system width shall not exceed 96" or 2.4 meters. The system(s) shall be towable, at speeds up to 15 kph/10 mph, in gangs of up to four units, by tow vehicles such as ATV's.

The barrier shall be of a design that, for storage purposes, will incorporate a plurality of tubular members, hereinafter referred to as spars, each individually assembled or disassembled via attachment pockets located in a horizontal tubular member, in a semi-vertical posture. No tools shall be required for assembly or disassembly. No single component shall exceed 75 pounds (34kgs) in weight. The spars shall be keyed to the horizontal tubular member to insure proper spar positioning. The horizontal tubular member shall include an internally mounted flexible steel cable, looped at both ends of the horizontal tubular member to allow connection of the system, if so chosen by the system supervisor, from one system to another. The system, at its frontward and rearward points along the horizontal tubular member, shall allow for the addition of different hitch types such as pintle hook/eye, 50mm ball/socket or tang and hammer strap. The system shall have an identifying serialized+numbered name plate affixed to the horizontal tubular member. The system shall be capable of being assembled or disassembled by one person in less than ten minutes. When equipped with a transport kit the system shall, in accordance with the Internationally Recognized Standard for Vehicle Security Barrier Portability, to wit, be deemed portable upon its demonstrated ability to be moved from its sitting position, a distance no less than 30 meters in no greater time than 2 minutes and returned to a sitting position, by one person, without the application and/or addition of any extraneous tools, tooling, poles or hitches, conducted upon a dry hardened, flat surface. This standard applies to systems that include the transport kit. If equipped with a transport kit, the wheels shall be easily removed via a pin on/pin off arrangement in order to discourage unauthorized movement of the system, without the use of any tools. Ground and surface engaging (not tires) components shall be hot dip galvanized.  The unit shall comply with ISO 12100:100/2010 6.3 sharp/pointed edge guarding.

A transport kit shall be available, to include the following: a pin on pin off vertical screw jack to raise and lower the system, a foldable grab handle,  two flat proof tires with ball bearings,  tires of which have a minimum diameter of 10 inches and a width of 3", a hitch type, as noted in paragraph 2. Additionally safety+promotional banners shall be available; signage including STOP and directional shall be available; safety lighting apparatus shall be available. Refer to Rologard Bulletin 25a+b for detailed kit numbers.

Kit Numbers

  • Base Unit Kit Number: zx300
  • Transport Kit Number: zx308